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I estimate that little traffic tie-up about doubled the time driving back from Narragansett. Oh well.

I only indulged in one bit of New Jersey Merging Chicken. I won, which is not difficult if you know the trick, but it was an empty victory, because five minutes later the truck who lost zipped into the left lane and skipped ahead a fair ways.

Despite this, an enjoyable evening.
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This kind of scuppers my plans to drive down to Narragansett tonight, I think.
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So last week I called the East Side Service Center and made an appointment to get the AC in my car recharged. The idea was: I would drop the car off in the morning, then walk the block and a half to Starbucks (or some other place with wireless Internet), work from there until my car was ready to go, then walk back, get the car, go home, and finish working.

When I showed up at the service center this morning, however, I learned that they were closed and that I would instead have to go to their other center on Hope Street, which was about two and a half miles away. Possibly there was an Internet access point nearby, but if so I didn't know where it was, so this was a horse of a different color.

So this ended up happening instead: drop off the car and get a lift to Thayer Street. Work until 5 pm, then get so sick of working at Starbucks I ask my coworkers if I can leave early. Walk down Blackstone Boulevard to the ice cream shop next to the service station, fortify myself with ice cream, then get the car, drive to Wickenden Street, walk up and down Wickenden putting up posters for Thursday's show, then go home and post to livejournal about the whole thing.

(I also had lunch at the Creperie, which was tasty, and [livejournal.com profile] chaos_are_me was working there, which was also nice.)

So today involved a lot more walking than expected. Which is good, really. After practice tonight I think a certain amount of collapsing will be called for, though.

Tomorrow I will get a haircut.

(Oh, and the AC in my car works really well now.)
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Did you hear about the idiot who locked his family in his car?
After my last post, [livejournal.com profile] doctroid said:
I fixed a cannot-open-from-inside door for a friend of mine once after he'd been putting up with it for months. He has no children. I do. Are there child locks on the rear doors (usually a little lever on the door near the latch mechanism, accessible only when the door is open)? Did one somehow get set?
(I should mention that someone had mentioned child locks in this connection before, but I thought they were talking about the button on the driver's door which, when depressed, prevents anyone in the car from rolling down the window or unlocking the door.) So I went down to have a look, and indeed not far from the latch was a little unlabeled black button which could be twisted between two positions (which were about 45 degrees apart).

I rotated it to the other position, but the basic problem then was: how to figure out if it made a difference or not. So I got in the back seat of the car, figuring that if I had just locked myself in I would just let myself out of the other door. I was in fact able to open the door again, so that seemed good.

In a pointless attempt to make sure that this had in fact fixed the problem, I then switched the button back to its original position and got back in the car. As predicted, I could no longer get out of that door.

So I went over to the other rear door and discovered that it was blocked by a cabinet which my landlord had left on the other side of my car. Images of me attracting the attention of a passerby and getting them to let me out of my car went through my head. It wasn't pretty.

Finally I decided to try wedging myself out of the passenger-side back door, which was uncomfortable but worked. Then I switched the button back to the unlocked position and continued on my way.

Incidentally, this is what the sign for the hair supplies place next door has had for the last couple of days. (I think it's their entry for a new menu item at Trinity Brewhouse, although I'm not sure what it would contain, other than the obvious.)


It took him all week to get them out.
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Current car oddities:

- The left rear door doesn't open from the inside.
- The air conditioning needs to be recharged.
- After leaving the windows open during yesterday's daytime thunderstorm, the electronic door switch can't be used to lock all the doors (although it still will unlock all the doors and using the key to lock all the doors still works).

I guess this is to be expected for a somewhat beat-up 1994 Toyota Corolla with over 120,000 miles on it. I want to get all of this stuff fixed soon.

I'm about 250 miles short of my next oil change. Also I think getting the door stuff fixed is probably best done at a dealership, and they will probably need to order parts so it will take a couple of days.

So maybe the plan is: try to get the AC fixed soon, since that can probably be done most anywhere and should be relatively quick. (With luck, I can get it done someplace near a place with wireless Internet, so I can drop it off, work from there until it's done, then go home.)

Then, once it's time for the oil change, go to the dealership, get a rental for the time until it's fixed, and take it from there.

Sounds good? Good.

(I am trying not to think of what getting the door-related stuff fixed will cost.)


Apr. 6th, 2005 02:06 pm
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After making two posts about pants last week, I think it is only fair that I make at least two posts about lug nuts this week, since lug nuts are even more exciting than pants! In many cases! Maybe!

Anyway, I went back to the tire warehouse during lunch break today.

Tire Warehouse Guy #1: Hi, what can we do for you today?
Me: I need a lug nut. I've currently only got three on the tire I got here yesterday.
[Tire Warehouse Guy #1's cordless phone rings. He answers it and wanders outside. There is a short delay. One of the other tire warehouse guys finishes dealing with another customer and turns to me.]
Tire Warehouse Guy #2: Hi, how can I help you?
Me: I'm down a lug nut on one of my tires.
Tire Warehouse Guy #2: OK, just a sec.
[He disappears into another room, from which Tire Warehouse Guy #3 emerges after a short while.]
Tire Warehouse guy #3: What do you need?
Me: [getting a bit frustrated] Lug! Nut!

He determined the size of the lug nut and disappeared behind the 'authorized personnel only' door, only to reemerge shortly with bad news: they didn't have a matching lug nut in my size. However, they did have chrome lug nuts in the correct size if I didn't mind that my lug nuts didn't match.

I indicated that I didn't care, and voila!

Pretty stylin', eh? They did all of this for free, which I appreciated. So the story has a happy ending.


Apr. 5th, 2005 09:15 pm
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Yesterday I went out to my car around midday and discovered that one of the tires was flat. Curses!

So I called AAA and they came and put on the tiny emergency tire that is in my trunk. Hurrah!

But they mentioned that one of the lug nuts was missing from that particular tire. Drat!

So I took the car to the tire warehouse today and explained the situation, and they gave me a new tire. Yay!

However, I noticed a little while ago that I'm still minus a lug nut. What the hell?

The end. Or is it?

Now I go to watch a Swedish movie.

Incidentally, the AAA guy asked me if I had driven over any potholes lately. It is to laugh!

I asked him if he had been getting a lot of calls like this recently. Apparently, this was to laugh also!


Jan. 24th, 2005 05:51 pm
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AAA just arrived and gave me a jump-start and the car, to my surprise, started right up. Take that, snow!


Jan. 24th, 2005 03:28 pm
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My car won't start, I am guessing because of all the snow on the engine. I called AAA and they said that I'd probably have to wait 3-4 hours for someone to get here. So maybe I won't be making it to Billy Goode's to play tonight.

Well, we'll see.


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