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Honestly, I think that most people would not have to worry about falling asleep at this movie, even if they went to the 9:10 pm showing.
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Tonight I watched both of these movies (well, I missed a little of the first one). Here is a handy guide for those who wish to differentiate the two:

More montages.
More actual breakdancing.
Generally colder weather, if my eyes do not deceive me.
Bad guy is a dance instructor who controls the local jazz dance cabal.
The love triangle: Ozone and Kelly vie for Turbo's affections.
One scene features a paraplegic breakdancer who demonstrates what dancing is really about, apparently.

Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
Music with actual real instruments.
Less believable ending, which is saying something.
Bad guy is an evil developer! Woohoo!
The love triangle: Kelly and some other woman who I wasn't sure who she was vie for Turbo's affections. (Meanwhile, Ozone pursues a barely pubescent Mexican girl who doesn't speak any English.)
One scene features everyone in a hospital (doctors, nurses, patients, receptionists, and a suspiciously large number of random people in matching costumes) spontaneously going into a dance number.
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Yesterday evening [livejournal.com profile] cgoldfish and I went to A Stitch Above, where we picked up a couple of skeins of merino for a hat.

We tried [livejournal.com profile] grocersfreezer to see if she was up for something, but she was recovering from a sore throat and was napping. (Sorry for waking you up,[livejournal.com profile] grocersfreezer, and feel better soon.) We had decided to go see The Brothers Grimm, but the only local showings were at 9:20 pm or thereabouts, so we had some time to kill -- so we walked to the Red Fez where we had cheese-related dishes and got decent scores on the 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' pinball machine.

After that we walked to the mall, watched the movie, and walked home.

The Brothers Grimm was OK. It sort of reminded me of Sleepy Hollow. Probably only really necessary viewing for the Gilliam completist, but that more or less describes me, so I was glad I saw it. (As we were leaving one of the people behind us said, "That movie was wierd," but really it wasn't quite weird enough, I would say.) The spider horse was pretty creepy.

All in all, it was a pleasant evening with a good friend.
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  • Purple light sabers are cool.
  • When two people are fighting and their light sabers are the same color, it is kind of confusing.
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buettner [to jwgh]: you should watch Blackhawk Down and drink some vodka!!!

buettner [to jwgh]: that's what i did last night, and it worked out GRATE!

jwgh [to buettner]: Unfortunately, I have neither Blackhawk Down nor vodka.

buettner [to jwgh]: i guess you really blew it when you went to the store!!!

jwgh [to buettner]: I have a coke and some water and an episode of Dr. Who, though.
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This evening I headed over to the East Side to meet with [livejournal.com profile] simon44, something we've been planning to do for a few weeks but haven't had a chance to do before now. For dinner [livejournal.com profile] simon44 suggested Wings To Go, a restaurant on Thayer Street that I must have walked by a hundred times but for some reason had never tried out. The wings were quite good. Mmmm, wings.

He also suggested going to the 7:15 showing of Touching the Void at the Avon. I had heard good things about it so we went for it. Good lord, but that film is harrowing. Damn. In it two mountain climbers recount the story of how they went climbing in Tibet and almost died, with dramatic reenactments of what happened. (My description makes it sound cheesy, but it wasn't.)

Emerging from the theater after seeing that movie into wind-driven particulate snow triggered a deep-seated desire to go inside and get some hot chocolate somewhere, but that wasn't really an option, so I came home.

A good evening!

Tomorrow I go off to the wilds to visit [livejournal.com profile] manfire, [livejournal.com profile] revjack256, and other Kibologists. Whee!


Dec. 27th, 2003 11:50 pm
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I ruin the 'Return of the King' movie for all time. )

Note: updated to include links to the bits of music in question


Aug. 11th, 2003 09:56 pm
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I just got back from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Whee!

It's based of course on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, which I have never been to. But! I have played two and a half of the LucasArts Monkey Island games, so that is more or less what I went into the movie looking for. And I was not disappointed in this regard; pretty much all the major and minor characters except maybe the two romantic interest characters and the head of the army guy would have fit right into a Monkey Island game.

So I was pretty satisfied, although, really, the ending didn't really make sense. Spoilery Stuff ) Although, thinking about it, if my basis of comparison is the Monkey Island games then the story either shouldn't have had a real ending at all or the ending should have been totally bizarre and nonsensical. So perhaps it does not do to complain.

I drove home happy and humming piratey songs from Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. It was all very cheering.

Perhaps I'll take another stab at finishing Escape from Monkey Island tonight.
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This morning I got in the mail not one but THREE videotapes of Jim Stramel goodness, along with a nice handwritten note thanking me for my interest in his films. Here's what I got:

Tape 1: Trailers for '6 Bullets for Jesus' and 'The Thrillbillys'

Tape 2: 'My Ass Is Bleeding' and 'Pitiful Reflections'

Tape 3: 'The Thrillbillys' (trailer and feature film)

According to an interview with Jim Stramel I read, 'Pitiful Reflections' is a sort of oral history thing where a guy named Ward Fordham tells stories about growing up. 'My Ass Is Bleeding', on the other hand, is a four-minute-long tale of a man whose ass is bleeding and how freaky that is, I gather.

'The Thrillbillys' is a 75 minute action-adventure film. Mr. Stramel provides the following summary:
Dodger Cole walks out of jail into a changed world.  The Virginia hills where she once raced and ran bootleg whiskey have become overrun with convenience stores and giant sized mega marts.  When she sees the family still bulldozed to make way for yet another Super-Great Mart she unleashes her gang on moonshine fueled rampage of revenge to take back the South and send the modern day carpetbaggers to HELL!
'6 Bullets For Jesus' is, I think, the project that Stramel is currently working on (so the trailer is all that's currently available), but I might have that wrong.

Unfortunately my VCR is currently broken so I may not beable to watch these until the mini-ARKPLE at the end of this month. We'll see!


Jul. 8th, 2003 11:33 am
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Earlier this morning, my doorbell rang, so I scurried downstairs to see who it was. It turned out to be a pair of Mormons, which I don't think I've had before (usually I get Jehovah's Witnesses, although I haven't even gotten them since the day I got two sets of JWs in the same day -- the second set were very embarrassed and told me that that is never supposed to happen).

The Mormons asked if they could come in and talk about the Book of Mormon, but I told them I was working and didn't have time. They asked if they could come back later and I asked them not to.

I didn't tell them that the reason I came to the door so quickly was because I was hoping they were the mailman bringing my copy of My Ass Is Bleeding, but maybe I should have.
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I see that Glenn has already seen Terminator 3 (and already pronounced it crap), so before I start reading all sorts of reviews of it I think I'd better post my master plan for the one true plot that the third Terminator movie should have had.

But first, a superficial analysis of the first two movies. )


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